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To be used by bookings secretaries and other members of church councils.

Available for download from this page are a series of forms produced by the Methodist Church to be used when people are hiring our buildings. As well as our responsibility to make sure that our buildings are a safe space for anyone who comes in, church councils also have a responsibility as managing trustees to ensure that any agreements (licences) to rent out our buildings are compliant with charity law.

To ensure this, the Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes (TMCP) have produced the enclosed Standard Booking Form (for one-off events, such as a children's party) and Standard Licence (for regular bookings, e.g. a keep fit class). We ask that you use these forms for any future bookings and for when existing arrangements are renewed (which should happen annually) to make sure you comply with your responsibilities as managing trustees.

The Guidance for booking secretaries flow chart should help you decide which form(s) need to be used for a particular booking, but please do get in touch with the circuit office if you have a question or need help with the forms.

All the forms here (except the Guidance flow chart) can be downloaded from the TMCP and Methodist Church websites. The Standard Form and Licence are available on the TMCP website (scroll down as they are right at the bottom of the page).
The Safeguarding forms are available Methodist Church website Safeguarding pages.

It is recommended by TMCP that you check regularly that you are using the latest version, as forms are updated periodically.

  • Guidance for booking secretaries (flow chart)
  • Standard Booking Form (for one-off events)
  • Standard Licence (for regular bookings)
  • Guidance for completing the Standard Licence
  • Safeguarding keyholder declaration
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