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The breakfast centre providing for the homeless, unemployed, disadvantaged and lonely, by volunteers from local Churches. People from churches with their sleeves rolled up!

If you are interested to know more about the local situation of homelessness, then the place to visit is Carecent where the full spectrum is seen. We are open six days a week (Mondays to Saturdays) from 8.30 — 10.45am with eat up time to 11:00 am. We are also open Bank Holidays and especially on Christmas Day for a midday festive meal for those who have no other place.

A simple hot breakfast is served, mainly beans/spaghetti/tomatoes on toast, marmalade and jam, with tea or coffee together with porridge most days, cereals and if available slices of cold meats and other items as donated. Toiletries in small containers and decent second hand clothing are issued from our clothing store accessed by the recognised agencies of York.

There is a constant endeavour to find new ways to be supportive of those in need, so actions change at times. It is not intended to perpetuate 'living on the street' we are prepared to keep people alive but do not want them to live on us and we encourage and facilitate them to engage with the professional teams available to help them. Carecent participates with other agencies at homelessness meetings in the city.

Central Methodist Church initiated Carecent in 1984 on one day a week. We live by gift and are entirely supported by voluntary donations of food, clothing and money from individuals, schools and many of the churches in and around the York area, local Trusts have made occasional or annual donations.

The roll of often over 50 voluntary helpers give their time as and when they can, some weekly, others fortnightly or monthly. Many of the volunteers are drawn from the Christian churches, attracted to the work by their wish to follow Jesus' teaching "Love your neighbour" in a very practical way.

Further information is available about volunteering, donations and how to make contact on the website. You would not be committing yourself by making an enquiry and we are able to accommodate many circumstances offered.

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