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Our Vision Statement was approved by the Circuit Council in the summer of 2015.

"Growing in Christ"


Our Circuit's Calling is to encourage growth in Christ through:

  • Worship: Increasing awareness of God's presence and celebrating God's love;
  • Learning and Caring: Helping people to learn and grow as Christians, through mutual support and care;
  • Service: Being a good neighbour to people in need and challenging injustice;
  • Evangelism: Making more followers of Jesus Christ.


    In fulfilling Our Calling we will seek to embody the following principles:

  • Witnessing in the World: Deepening local engagement alongside involvement in national and world concerns
  • Inspiring Ministry: Encouraging and supporting risk-taking mission alongside affirming care and fellowship
  • Nurturing Relationships: Treasuring our Methodist belonging alongside deeper ecumenical and community partnerships
  • Developing our Gifts: Enabling lay leadership and participation alongside a strong staff team
  • Offering Hospitality: Maintaining and resourcing premises for mission alongside outreach beyond existing buildings
  • Welcoming Diversity: Affirming each other alongside the pursuit of variety

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