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Andrew Lindley

I was born in the village Owston Ferry, just a stone's throw from Epworth, where John Wesley was brought up, and bordering the River Trent. I was brought up in this rural Methodist influenced area, in a small family chapel, where my Aunt ran the Sunday school and my parents were both active in running the chapel. We were always chapel folk, even though it was further from my house to the chapel than the parish church on our doorstep (such is village life!). I have since discovered a passion for ecumenism! My family are farmers going back generations, but after following my interest in science and studying Physics at Bath University, where I met my wife Jo, I became a research engineer at a semiconductor laser factory in Paignton in Devon. I left, sixteen years later, after a fantastic career, and with a then very young daughter, to follow a call to the ministry. My training involved a spell both part time with SWMTC and full time at Wesley College Bristol and I then took up my first pastoral charge in Cottingham, East Yorkshire, where my son was born. We come to York, as the new circuit forms and look forward to our time with you.

Rev Andrew Lindley has pastoral charge of -

  • Acomb Methodist Church
  • Holgate Methodist Church
  • Southlands Methodist Church
  • West Thorpe Methodist Church
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