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D Arscott

David is working as a Rural Mission Enabler in the Easingwold Section.

My background is in community work in various forms such as: setting up volunteer groups in rural parishes in Warwickshire to open Public Right of Way; helping a community decide on landscape improvements in their village near Doncaster; enabling people on a council estate in Leeds to maintain and develop their gardens and streets; and giving people who have become homeless in Bradford somewhere to live and some support while they got their lives back on track. I also spent ten years helping churches in areas of urban deprivation across the north of England to bring tangible good news into their local communities. I moved from Warwickshire to Yorkshire in 1995 and live with my wife, Kate, in Wetherby. As a teenager I found my faith in Jesus through Crusaders (now Urban Saints) then went on to leading youth and pastoral groups, being a church leader for a few years and writing for Scripture Union Daily Bread. I have lived in villages in Warwickshire and Somerset and I feel very close to God in the countryside. Enabling believers to join with God in bringing His kingdom into rural communities could just be my dream job.

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