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Neil Craig

I'm Neil and I have joined the circuit as Digital Development Enabler. Church life as we knew it has changed enormously in 2020 due to the pandemic, accelerating some trends that were already evident. This has presented challenges but also opportunities, especially in the area of churches developing online worship and other activities. Necessity is the mother of invention and the circumstances have led to tremendous creativity such that 'digital' church is here to stay. My role is to help churches develop or create their online presence, find new ways to engage with people virtually and share knowledge, resources and good practice. Also, at a strategic level to understand the impact of new ways of worshipping and being community together and what that might mean for the circuit as a whole.

I previously worked in various information science and IT roles for a large manufacturing company and have a degree in computer science from St.Andrews university. This was where my faith really developed through student societies such as MethSoc and SCM. I became a local preacher and now live in Sheffield. I'm married to Jane and we have two children in their early 20s. I enjoy walking, cycling and golf.

In the current crisis, God's message of love and grace and reassurance is needed more than ever. I look forward to contributing to innovative new ways of communicating the gospel in the digital age whilst also including those who face barriers to access.

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