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Victoria Etherington

Having working for the Circuit as Youth Ministry Leader, Victoria is now working with the Yorkshire North and East District as Children's and Youth Ministry Leader. Part of her time is still spent in the York Circuit working with the children's and youth team in the One X programme, mentoring other leaders and doing the boring stuff like strategy, budgets and risk assessments.

Having worked as a youth minister in the US and England, for different denominations, as well as being a consultant for Ministry Architects, Victoria can claim an unusually long and varied pedigree in youth ministry. Alternatively, you could say she is old and can't get a proper job! She believes we are all called and gifted by God, no matter what our age and so her passion is ministry by children and youth as well as for children and youth.

Victoria says: "I feel called to youth ministry, so it is very exciting to see how committed York Methodist circuit are to their children and young people. After many years in youth ministry I have experienced a wide variety of approaches, perspectives and roles within children's and youth ministry. This experience allows me to approach the work with creativity, flexibility and deep appreciation for the importance of remembering that the centre of any Christian ministry is not humanity but God."

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