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Reflections on change: Change of heart

candle heart

ReadActs chapter 9 verses 1 to 19

Think: The familiar story of Saul/ Paul's conversion describes a radical change of mind. More often we re-think and change our minds gradually over time. Over the years our churches have made changes to how they operate- for example, ordaining women as ministers alongside men. Change can cause a lot of heartache but can also be freeing and allow better conversations with our communities.

Have you found it hard to deal with change in your church? Are you able to see positives from past changes that might help as you consider future change?

Have you ever changed your mind about something important? What brought it about- new evidence or perspectives? Were there things which made it hard?

Pray: Pray for your church and yourself to be able to make good decisions about issues they face, for honest conversation and willingness to listen with love.

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