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Pledge for the Planet- week 2

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Lent 2022 Pledge for the Planet
The members of the Circuit Eco Group will share some of their thoughts over the next 6 weeks. Many of them have made a 'pledge for the planet'; taking a particular area of their lives and make it more sustainable. They will share their highs and lows and hopefully encourage you to make a few simple changes in your household too. Maybe you could make one change this Lent..?

Pledge for the Planet 2 – trying out a plant-based diet

In January I decided to give the 'Veganuary' thing a go. My hopes weren't high, given that I love cake, chocolate and cheese more than I could ever explain. I thought I would share the good, bad and the ugly with you – not to wag my finger and to tell you that you must go Vegan, but to give you choices and decide whether doing one or two simple swaps or cutting back might be 'manageable' for you. It doesn't have to be 'all or nothing'. Here's how it worked out in my family.

The first thing I absolutely had to get right was the milk because I need a decent cuppa in a morning (and at any time of the day!). After a month of trial and error, I found oat milk worked best – I even like it on my cereal. But the milk has to go in the cup first otherwise it curdles. I have also discovered that Vegan cheese is the stinkiest thing on this planet, though I have found a lovely smoked cheese that is great with crackers. My daughter Charlotte decided to join me for a couple of weeks; after which she declared that chicken nuggets were non-negotiable! But, she has decided she likes almond milk and has that on her cereal. She also loves my vegetable curry. My son Harry has taken a fancy to the non-chicken Kievs from M&S so is more than happy to have those sometimes.

There is so much more choice now in all of the supermarkets, so having a meat free meal once or twice a week is no hardship. Many things we eat are vegan anyway – most dark chocolate, oreos, fruit pastilles (you see where my priorities are!). Once I discovered that two of my favourite men (Ben and Jerry) made vegan cookie dough ice-cream I decided I could do this permanently...


Fun fact
If you imagine that the amount of land the world needed to raise cattle for food is like a football pitch, the area needed for a plant-based diet is equivalent to the goal.

Thank you, God, that you send other people as a gift to us, so we know we are not trying to do everything on our own. We are not just one player; together with others we make a whole team. With others the whole game can change. We ask you to bless each small effort we make, knowing that many others are also making that small effort. Together, those small efforts add up.

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