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Pledge for the Planet week 5

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Lent 2022 Pledge for the Planet

The members of the Circuit Eco Group will share some of their thoughts over the next few weeks. Many of them have made a 'pledge for the planet'; taking a particular area of their lives and make it more sustainable. They will share their highs and lows and hopefully encourage you to make a few simple changes in your household too. Maybe you could make one change this Lent..?

Helen and Ken, who live in Strensall, have made great progress in going green. Their pledge is not about making a radical change, but in building in lots of small achievable changes in their lives. They list their top tips here:

We're 2 people with busy lives – so we're like loads of other people who try to fit things into what feels like small windows of opportunity.

What we're trying to do is :

1. Continue & Build on what we're already doing
ie. Switching lights off, not over filling the kettle, not leaving devices on, walking to village shop not driving ( if you can do that), more showers than baths ( big sacrifice for me). Etc.
One result
Water bill has reduced for 2 quarters now !

2. Improve our Recycling Record.
Putting a recycling bin next to our kitchen waste bin.
This makes it easier to collect recyclables & there are fewer excuses for putting stuff in waste bin " because it's raining & I don't want to go out to big bin".
Results in @ 3 months :
a) we are definitely recycling more.
b) we are recycling more varied items because it's quicker & drier to sort things inside..

3. Become "Active Shoppers"
We've tried online grocery shopping – nah!!! Not for us.
So "active shopping" is about changing how we think about what we buy (or not waste).
What helps us:
* making lists – means we have to check cupboards etc BEFORE we go. Means we don't have 3 or more jars of exotic, expensive chutney that only one of us eats!
* shopping together – not often possible but useful.
* not shopping when we're tired, hungry, in a hurry... cos we don't think then, we just "grab n go".
* Trying to read small print to support making more sustainable choices – doesn't always work – hey we can get better!
* Not panic buying. Not buying 2 when 1 will do.
* planning and list making reduces number of extra little shops we had a habit of doing.
That wastes time & energy (fuel).
When we save money – which we can do – we can donate more to the food banks.
.... or we can buy the next jar of exotic chutney Yeah. Right

4. Sign up & support our Eco Church projects.

Ps we've pledged to do more on things we already do ... so not setting impossible unsustainable goals.

Generous God, you have delighted to give so much to your children. Help us to be thoughtful and considerate in how we use our resources, including time, energy and money, so that no one may suffer from our choices. Amen.

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